"Do you think I’m pretty?
I think you’re beautiful
You are so beautiful, it hurts sometimes."
Richelle MeadVampire Academy (via feellng)


A moment of silence for the poor students who were in Harry’s year and only wanted a normal Hogwarts education.


"What? Why are you looking at me like that?"

"Because sometimes, a person can get so caught up in the details that they miss the whole. It’s not just the dress or the hair. It’s you. You’re beautiful. So beautiful, it hurts me." 

This makes the month of waiting for the VAmovie more painful!

I started watching in 2010 and I've seen old Who and understand the references. Generalization man. And even if you don't understand, you can learn. You don't have to criticize. Old or New, Doctor Who is best enjoyed with friends and non-judgement.

I am not judging. It’s just a post, calm down. I was just saying how it sucks because y’all haven’t seen all of the old who because not all of them have been found yet.

Doctor Who

It sucks when you’re one of the original Doctor Who fans. People don’t understand all the old references. They don’t understand things that the doctor refers to that happen in the past. I remember not being allowed to watch cartoons when I was little. I had to watch DW. I remember watching the first doctors, thanks to my dad’s intelligence. I am an original Whovian and I win.


This isn’t my edit, but it’s amazing


This isn’t my edit, but it’s amazing